Saturday, 7 May 2011

A small reflection on Singapore General Elections 2011

PAP, please seriously relook your unpopular policies.  You may have won most seats, but mainly by slim margins.  What will be in store for you in the next election?  Even Praying And Praying may not be suffice next time.  We hope you will make good on your promises well before the next election in 4-5 years' time.  On a different note, what the hell's with the 1000s rejected votes?  How can writing a big "X" be so difficult?  Dear voters, calligraphy is not required in your vote-casting.  Also, voting is not like attending a Chinese wedding dinner in Singapore.  You cannot vote if you are LATE. 

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hyakka Ryoran SAMURAI GIRLS Yagyu Jubei PVC Figure (Penguin Parade)

A new "Hyakka Ryoran SAMURAI GIRLS" Yagyu Jubei PVC figure will be released in August 2011.  The beautiful figure retails at 8,800 JPY (estimated USD109.00) and is manufactured by Penguin Parade.  The protoype looks even better than past releases by other manufacturers, however I hope the final version will have a more natural skin tone.  The prototype's legs look especially pale (・A・) 

Pre-order at

Monday, 2 May 2011

Baby steps...

Ah well, this blog is still in its infancy.  No, it's still in "stick man" status!  No flesh or a proper body, just bones.